Noctivid 10 x 42, Green



Leica Sport Optics Noctivid binoculars have set a new standard in wildlife observation, and to celebrate this,
the premium German brand has now unveiled this innovative model in new olive green armor casing.
Available in 8x42 and 10x42, the Leica Noctivid features compact dimensions, as well as stylish and elegant
design, while also being incredibly robust and resilient. Extremely versatile, whatever their use, the Leica
Noctivid sets new standards in looks as well as in optics and mechanics. This family of binoculars unites the
latest state-of-the-art and most innovative technologies at the highest level.
Nanette Roland, Product Manager of Leica Sport Optics, explains: “The Leica Noctivid is as dynamic as
nature itself. Like no other binoculars, the Noctivid combines extremely sharp images, stray-light
suppression, light transmission and innovative design to ultimate perfection. Thanks to these features, these
binoculars offer maximum contrasts, the highest image plasticity and intuitive handling, allowing unique
Leica’s engineers have achieved a quality in observation that meets the highest demands. Thanks to Schott
HT™ (high transmission) glass, the Noctivid features astoundingly natural colors. In addition, premium
coatings have been applied on the lenses in a new high temperature plasma processes, guaranteeing a
perfectly balanced light transmission across the entire wavelength range, ensuring astoundingly bright color
rendition to the point of color neutrality.
Meanwhile, innovative baffle systems for stray-light suppression produce the best possible reflection
reduction as well as maximum contrast. Thanks to the modification of the radii at the lens surfaces, the
sharpness towards the periphery of the field of view has been improved significantly. The AquaDura® coating
developed by Leica ensures a crystal-clear view in any weather and protects the lenses from scratches and
abrasion. The coating also means dirt and fingerprints can be wiped off easily.
The sophisticated combination of all optical and mechanical innovations offers an unparalleled viewing
experience. In the construction process, the engineers placed special importance on compact form and
perfect mechanics.