Geovid 15 x 56 HD-R - Yards



Leica Geovid HD-R 56

Thanks to their superior light-gathering power, the Geovid HD-R 56 models are particularly suitable for viewing well into the hours of twilight. Precise distance determination is guaranteed in any weather. Yet, they work without any compromise in their compact form or ergonomic properties.

The Leica Geovid HD-R 56 models are available with magnification factors of  8x and 15x.

The perfected symbiosis of viewing and distance measurement

Accurate Measurement
Integrated laser rangefinders for reliable measuring

All Geovid HD models incorporate laser rangefinders that allow quick and precise distance determination. Users will never lose sight of their target over medium and long distances.

High-Class Optics
Best optical elements for outstanding viewing

State-of-the-art fluoride lenses guarantee maximum colour fidelity, contrast and straylight suppression, offering a bright and crystal-clear and pin-sharp image - even under the most adverse light conditions.

Safe and comfortable under any condition

The compact construction of all Geovid models is completely waterproof and nitrogen filled, guaranteeing comfortable viewing under any weather condition by preventing fogging from inside.