70mm / f2.5 ASPH Summarit (E82) (S)



The high-performance standard lens

Anything but standard in all respects
The Leica Summarit-S 70 mm f/2.5 ASPH. is the ideal standard focal length for all photographic needs. Its extreme speed and excellent imaging performance guarantee outstanding results at all apertures and distances. Unusual for this focal length is the integration of an aspherical element. This almost completely eliminates monochromatic aberration and emphasizes the exceptional character of the lens. The Leica Summarit-S 70 mm f/2.5 ASPH. is also available with a central shutter.

Constructional Details
The eight elements of its optical system are arranged in six groups. Two cemented elements made from glasses with high anomalous partial dispersion minimize chromatic aberrations. Glasses with high refractive indices and one aspherical element prevent monochromatic aberrations. Excellent close-range performance is guaranteed by the combination of a floating element with full-system focusing.


Owner Benefits

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