Thumbs Up EP-SQ for Leica Q BLACK



Thumbs Up EP-SQ was designed in 2016 for the Leica Q (typ 116) camera. Featuring a Flat top, the EP-SQ will feel like a natural component of the Leica Q.

The EP-SQ is built in our traditional way by starting with a solid brass billet, then precisely machined to our design using CNC. Hand polishing and painting follow to complete the production processes and produce a beautiful finish that will complement your Leica Q brilliantly.

Photographers will find the Thumbs Up EP-SQ a perfect match for their Leica Q. This new compact shape and sleek line of the Thumbs UP EP-SQ allow full access to all of the menu buttons and the programmable Zoom button.

A new sense of confidence and balance will be felt immediately. The Thumbs Up EP-SQ will bring a stability and sense of confidence when handling and shooting.