Leica Q (Typ 116), Silver Anodized



A pioneer by tradition

Leica Camera proudly presents the Leica Q Silver Anodized, an additional color variation to the Leica Q (Typ
116). The Leica Q Silver Anodized, while technically identical in specification and operation to the current Leica
Q (Typ 116), features a silver anodized top plate and bottom plate. It also has a silver anodized lens with a
silver lens hood and lens cover and a body covered in black leather. The control dials and buttons are in silver.
With its fast lens, easy and intuitive handling, the Leica Q gives the photographer the creative freedom to shoot
in any lighting scenario. With a full frame sensor and the Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens, the Leica Q is ideal
for street, architecture and landscape photography.
‣ Silver Anodized top plate and bottom plate
‣ Silver Anodized lens with a silver lens hood and lens cover
‣ Full frame 24 megapixel sensor
‣ Easy and intuitive handling with fast lens
‣ Fastest autofocus
‣ Outstanding craftsmanship
‣ Easy, instinctive use with touch screen control
‣ Minimalist design
‣ Integrated Wi-Fi and Leica Q-App makes it easy to share pictures
‣ Range of classic and timeless accessories