Francois Fontaine - Silenzio! LTD EDITION w/ PRINT



“Silenzio !” is a photographic essay on cinema. On stills collected from films from the early 1940s to the present days. Stills drawn from color movies produced by French and foreign directors, whose emblematic work distinguishes itself by the magic of its light, the elegance of its sets and the beauty of its interpreters.

“Silenzio!” is a body of work in which movie stills have been extracted from their original medium and diverted from their initial context. It is also an analysis of the emotions and questioning provoked when these stills are presented as photographs. It is a reflexion on memory, dreams and fantasies.

The genres, stories and periods are interwoven to become one in these images that echo each other visually to turn into the silent witnesses to desire and fear.

These images or stills - which belong to the collective memory of cinema - work in a similar fashion to Proust's Madeleine: as a reminiscence that triggers emotions from the past that the viewer had bottled up.

They are timeless images that seem to arise from the unconscious. Blurred, shaking, images in movement, yet still. They refer to the confusing world of remembrance. Mental images, shady and disturbing: they question just as much the viewer's gaze than they question his mind. They also attract and hypnotize – through their sensual, nostalgic and universal language.

It is a chromatic and dreamlike photographic work in which glamour and suspense compete to pay a vibrating homage to the art of cinema.