Bruce Gilden: GO

April 4th - May 5th, 2017

"In 1974 I went to see a wonderful exhibition at MoMA New York called "New Japanese Photography" and it blew me away. I thought that if they were making such good photographs in Japan, it had to be a good place for me to work. I kept this idea somewhere on my mind and it only took me twenty-one years to get there! Of course, when I arrived in Tokyo in 1994, the city looked totally different than the one I'd seen in the pictures". This is how Bruce Gilden explains the genesis of the work he did in Tokyo and Osaka between 1994 and 2000, revealing another side to the traditional and often stereotypical view of Japanese society. Digging deeper behind the people's " mask of uniformity", Gilden explores on his own terms the dark side and hardship of daily existence in these two major cities. In his own Japanese film noir, Bruce Gilden gives lead roles to day workers, homeless women and men, Bozozuku or young bikers gangs, and the intense Yakuza, members of traditional organized crime groups. Bruce Gilden's work in Tokyo and Osaka was published in the book Go (Trebuk, UK. 2000)


SATURDAY MAY 6 , 2017, 10AM - 5PM

During this one day workshop, Rains will share his entire workflow from capturing images in the field through to editing, post processing, cataloging and finally to making finished prints. Topics covered include: * Documentary Travel Photography - Controlling the uncontrollable * Preferred equipment * Shooting image sets of stories * Editing and cataloguing in the filed * Image sweetening - using Adobe Lightroom and a "pinch" of Photoshop * How printing works - Color management, * Preparing and image for print * Paper types and printer choice * Creating the final print Who should take this workshop? Anyone who would like to lift their game in travel or documentary photography and those who would like to find out more about what happens next, after you press the shutter button. Nick's approach has something for everyone, whether professional or committed enthusiast, and, whilst Nick chooses to use Leica cameras, this workshop is for anyone with a decent camera who would like to get the most out of it. Spend a day with one of Australia's leading photographers and learn tips that can imporve your photography for years to come!


FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017, 7PM - 9PM

There's more to the practice of travel photography than just pressing the button on your camera. It's about making sure you are in the right place at the right time - and knowing what to do when you get there. Australian documentary photographer and Leica Akademie Instructor Nick Rains shares his experiences of shooting fine travel images from his 30+ years of professional practice.

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