William Albert Allard

April 5th - May 13th, 2018

For 31 years William Albert Allard has returned again and again to the City of Light in the true spirit of the flâneur, to wander the streets aimlessly, yet ever alert to moments he might capture in his camera. With superb color perception, this masterful portraitist and long-time contributor to National Geographic magazine has returned from his strolls with images ranging from fashion models backstage, to a beautiful young café patron lost in thought, to bikini-clad sunbathers in a grassy park in the Marais or lying on the sand of man-made beaches along the Seine. As does a flâneur, Allard has often walked about Paris in pursuit of nothing specific but everything in general. He is known for his meticulous framing of the moment, all the many pieces of a visual puzzle falling gracefully into place. Allard claims he misses far more than he gets, but those he does capture are truly memorable pictures one can cherish, from a city that never stops offering more.

Yasuhisa Ishii

April 5th - May 13th, 2018

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1980, Medical Doctor and photographer Yasuhisa Ishii began his photography with a Leica M8 in 2009. "Paris - Tokyo pursues a "Silence" in two different "Noisy" metropolises. Ishii introspects his own self in the noisy Tokyo; in other words, Tokyo made him. "A metropolis is a human made complex so has artificial noise that made people anonymous. I try to find silence in nosy metropolises. Monochrome works to avoid noise, and has faint silence and clear will."

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